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Pretoria Travel Guide (Gauteng)

Pretoria, Gauteng Province

Known as Tshwane, Pretoria is the third largest city and the administrative capital of South Africa. Located just 35 miles north of Johannesburg these two cities have almost converged however the atmosphere in both are wildly different.

The best way to visit the many historic and interesting sights which are located outside the city is by rental car. The heart of Pretoria is geared up for the corporate and governmental business side of things. Hiring a car is also beneficial in terms of venturing into the suburbs where you will find excellent places to stay and a good choice of restaurants with some lively student nightlife. Hatfield and Brooklyn are suburbs worth visiting.

If you visit the Church Square in Pretoria you will find some of the oldest buildings. This spot is a haven for locals to meet despite the rather unattractive statue of Afrikaner political hero Paul Kruger which stands in the middle.

The best time for visiting Pretoria is in the spring when the 60,000 Jacaranda trees are flowering creating a spectacular site.

Places to eat in Pretoria East

Tugela Restaurant - lovely romantic restaurant located in the Farm Inn Country Hotel on Silverlakes Road. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 18h30 and during the summer months they have outdoor dining under the stars. (Contact: +27 (0)12 809 0266 for reservations)