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Hard-off South African’s finding their holiday harder to come by

In a recent survey conducted by Where2Stay-SouthAfrica.com 48% of South African’s said that cost was dictating whether they were able to go on holiday in the future and only 47% had managed to get away on holiday 1 or 2 times in the last 12 months.

Between January 2012 and September 2013 petrol prices for South African’s have increased by 27.2% while diesel prices have increased by 22.8%. With salaries for many not keeping pace with inflation holidays are fast becoming a luxury that many South African’s are struggling to afford.

Results from the survey showed that 49.4% of respondents believed that R500 or less was a fair price to pay for two people sharing overnight. ‘Affordability’ and ‘value for money’ were two of the most common responses when it came down to picking a holiday. One survey comment left said  ‘There are no domestic travel rates to attract South Africans to travel their own country’- “this is an interesting point and one that maybe the SA accommodation industry in general should think about.

South African’s are spending hard earned money on their holidays and expect to relax and enjoy their break. Disappointingly just over 45% of our respondents experienced rooms that weren’t clean and over 61% said that when they got there the venues looked nothing like the photos they had viewed on the internet,” says Neil Playdon, Director of Where2Stay-SouthAfrica.com.

When you look at the Top 5 ‘Must have on my holiday’ list that came out of the survey South African’s certainly don’t expect the world!

1.    Comfortable Bed
2.    Beach close by
3.    Secure parking
4.    Braai
5.    Views from the room or balcony

“Surprisingly only 8% of respondents said that they would use social media channels to express their dissatisfaction and just 13% would leave a review online but 20% would go to the effort of writing a letter or email,” says Neil Playdon “perhaps we, South African’s, should think more about the use of promoting both positive and negative experiences through these far-reaching social media channels.

Here at Where2Stay-SouthAfrica.com we have embraced new social media channels like Google+ with a passion and now have the most followed Google+ Page in South Africa with over 55,500 followers who actively engage in the promotion of tourism of our beautiful country. It’s a perfect medium for sharing great experiences of what to do and where to stay in South Africa. “

Here is a link to the full survey data findings published on our website
Survey 2013 Results

By Neil Playdon (October 2013)