Where to Stay - South Africa

Accommodation Survey 2013 - Results

This survey is now closed but we will be running another survey in 2014 so follow us on Google+ and Facebook or Twitter to be in with a chance to win a super prize next year.

Background to the survey
98% of respondents for the 2013 Accommodation Survey were South African comprising 73% female and 27% male. The breakdown of the respondents by age group was as follows:

Age Group:
18 to 25 - 12.1%
26 to 34 - 25%
35 to 44 - 27.9%
45 to 54 - 23.6%
55 to 64 - 9.5%
65 and above - 1.9%

Topic 1: General Survey Findings

Where people prefer to stay when they holiday in South Africa
Where South Africans prefer to stay when on holiday in SA
Most popular holiday stays in South Africa taken by South Africans
Length of typical holiday in south africa taken by a south african

Topic 2: Booking Accommodation

South Africans preferences when it comes to arranging their holiday in SA

How South Africans prefer to book accommodation in SA
How quickly South Africans expect a response to their holiday booking enquiry
How quick do South Africans expect a response to a booking enquiry
How often South Africans have gone on holiday in the last 12 months
How many times have South Africans gone on holiday in the last 12 months
How often South Africans plan on going on holiday in the next 12 months
South Africans plans for a holiday in the next 12 months
Key decision factors for South Africans when deciding on their next holiday in SA
What is preventing you going on holiday in SA

Topic 3: Holiday Accommodation

South Africans 'pet gripes' about accommodation establishments
Things that annoy South Africans about holiday venues in SA
What South Africans do if they are not happy about their holiday accommodation
How South Africans like to complain when they are not happy about their accommodation
Top things that South Africans desire from their holiday accommodation
What South Africans want when they are on holiday in SA
What South Africans believe is a 'fair rate' to pay for two people sharing overnight accommodation in SA
what south africans think is a fair rate to pay for overnight accommodation in sa
By Neil Playdon