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Elephant Back Safaris, Hoedspruit, Limpopo

A unique Elephant Back Safari experience and a chance to get really close to these gentle giants

Elephant Back Safari, Limpopo

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An elephant back safari is a fantastic experience and a unique opportunity to really close to these gentle giants. A typical elephant back safari will start with you meeting the herd and learning how to get onto the back of these graceful creatures. Typically this would happen early in a morning or late in the afternoon. Initially you will just learn the feel of how to move about on the back of an elephant. You will then set off on a walk of about 1 hour.

Elephants are naturally great feeders and having you on their back will not stop them from frequently feeding along their way. A quite amazing experience to be sat on the back of an elephant as it reaches high up into the branches to feed as you are walking along. You will soon pick up the hang of moving to the rhythm of the elephant as it sways along. Of course as elephants are the largest jungle animal all other animals that you meet along the way will make way for you. It is quite common to get very close to giraffe, zebra and antelope on your trips as they are totally at ease with the elephants.

Quite often a video is taken of the trip which can you can purchase at the end of your journey should you wish to. An elephant safari is a truly magical experience and one not too be missed if you are in this area.

Where to try an Elephant Back Safaris in Limpopo

  • Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve