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Canoe Trails, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape

Canoe Trails are a great way to exercise and see the wonderful scenery of the Eastern Cape. Ride in double canoes - suitable for ages 7 to 70 years old.

Canoe Trails in the Eastern Cape

Canoe trails are a great way of getting some exercise and to take in the vast beauty of this lovely province. Its also a way of seeing things from a completely different perspective.

Some great Canoe Trail ideas:

Kowie Canoe Trail - 2 Days

The two day Kowie Canoe trail combines a trip up the lovely Kowie River in double canoes with a voluntary walking trail of 21km through indigenous forest. The route is suitable for ages 12 to 70 years old and doesn't require any particular special skills. Of course good weather is a must, in strong winds this canoe trail is not advisable, and a certain amount of staying power. This trail is unique in that it is a self-guided tour
starting from Port Alfred and finishing at the Horseshoe Bend which is situated in the Water's Meeting Nature Reserve.  There are up to 6 double canoes available on this trail and younger children are able to ride with an adult. The total limit is 16 people on a trail at any one time.

If you are interested in a canoe trial contact the Reserve Manager, Water’s Meeting Nature Reserve: PO Box 116, Bathurst 6166 ( 046 625 0876) or Bookings: Riverside Caravan Park (046) 624 2230