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Belly Dance has been a type of traditional Middle Eastern dance for centuries. During the late 18th century, the dance was spotted at harems (sacred female temples) in the exotic Turkish Empire, where it inspired global attention. Travelers fantasized about the beautiful fluidity of the body and the shimmying costumes that encompassed the Eastern/Oriental dance and wrote about or painted their admirations. Belly Dance was highly-regarded and eventually flourished in cabarets and public places; spreading to the West and the rest of the world. From traditionally elegant Turkish and Egyptian folk dance to the more energetic contemporary styles, Belly Dance has survived and evolved over time. It’s even managed to wind its way from North Africa to the South…so be sure to check out the swaying hips and dazzling costumes when they roll by in your hometown. READ MORE

Rocking4Rhinos concert at Franklyn ParkROCKING FOR RHINOS FESTIVAL & CONCERT 2012

In January 2012 a small group of individuals formed Rocking for Rhinos in response to the escalating problem of rhino poaching across South Africa. So shocked by the increasing numbers of rhinos that were being killed by poachers and the apparent lack of response by government the group got together to set up Ricking for Rhinos to spread awareness of the problem and to apply pressure at a political level to force change. READ MORE

The tranquil Underberg farm on which the annual Splashy Fen Music Festival is held, will soon transform into a colourful tent town when thousands of people from around the country descend on the southern Drakensberg this Easter (April 5 to 9) for four days of great live music in a spectacular mountain setting.

Excitement has been building since the announcement of this year’s line-up, which is impressive to say the least, featuring the likes of Van Coke Kartel, Zebra & Giraffe, The Graeme Watkins Project, Jeremy Loops, Arno Carstens and Albert Frost, Tidal Waves, The Black Hotels, Dan Patlansky, The Rudimentals, Lark (Electro), Madala Kunene, John Ellis, Gary Thomas, Shadowclub, Mr Cat and The Jackal, Gangs of Ballet, The La Els, December Streets, City Bowl Mizers, P.H.Fat and Niskerone, among many others. READ MORE