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We thought it was high time we shared our home town of Port Alfred with you so that you can get a flavour of the town through our personal photos. Living by the sea you sometimes forget how lucky you are. Every day brings new sights whether it is a beautiful sunset or watching a raging thunderstorm.

beaches of port alfred in the eastern cape

East Beach, Port Alfred

This is East Beach – our favourite beach. You will often find us walking on here late evenings as we exercise our two dogs and wind down from another busy day. At low tide the ocean recedes to reveal rock pools where you can spend hours snooping around or just paddling your feet to cool down. It’s amazing how many friends you meet on the beach on a regular basis who always find time to stop and chat.

Shelly Beach on the West side of Port Alfred

Shelly Beach, Port Alfred

This is Shelly Beach on the West side of Port Alfred. At low tide you can often spot African Black OysterCatchers sitting on the rocks looking for their next meal. A quitter beach on a slight slope but just as nice for a relaxing walk.

Small boat harbour in Port Alfred

Port Alfred Marina

The heart of Port Alfred centres around the small boat harbour with the Spur restaurant sitting prominently in the middle. The marina is popular especially during the holiday season when it is jammed pack with holidaymakers boats and barges. The slipway into the harbour provides excellent access. Although the harbour has lost its main commercial fishing fleet over the years it stills has a small number of commercial fisherman that go out regularly weather permitting.

Deep sea fishing in Port Alfred

A good days deep sea fishing in Port Alfred

At weekends we try to go out deep sea fishing with the hope of catching some good size Cobb. As you can see from this picture we struck it lucky! The Ski Boat Club in Port Alfred is always our first port of call when we get back to let the guys gut and fillet our fish while we enjoy a well earned cool drink.

Port Alfred Rowing Competitons

University Rowing Competition at Port Alfred

Every year the Kowie River in Port Alfred hosts the University and the Inter-Schools Rowing Championships. In two separate weekends in September and December the town of Port Alfred is taken over and life is centred along the Kowie River. The town is very proud to hosts these events and pulls out all the stops to ensure everyone has a great time.

Crowds on the banks of the Kowie River for the Inter-Schools Rowing

Crowds enjoying the Inter-Schools Rowing Championships

The young crowd that come along to support their respective school teams in the rowing championships thoroughly enjoy the occasion with lots of fun and games and swimming races across the river. Thankfully the good boys of the NSRI are always on hand to make sure everyone is kept safe and none gets hurt.

Ocean Basket restaurant in port Alfred

Ocean Basket alongside the Kowie River

Although we perhaps don’t have as many restaurants in Port Alfred as we should have places like the Ocean Basket make up for it. With its prime location alongside the Kowie River it is always a popular choice and a great place to enjoy a glass of wine on a hot sunny afternoon. Just next door to Ocean Basket is Barmuda which is a cocktail lounge that plays music in the evenings and puts on live acts during the holiday season. The likes of Prime Circle have played here.

Parlotones play Port Alfred

Parlotones performing at Port Alfred High School grounds

We may not be the music capital of South Africa but occasionally we do attract some great bands like the Parlotones who performed infront of an enthusiastic audience on the grounds of Port Alfred High School. It felt like the whole of Port Alfred turned up on a very hot day to watch them play and hopefully they will be back again some day.

43 Air School in Port Alfred

The famous 43 Air School in Port Alfred

Just on the outskirts of Port Alfred is the famous 43 Air School where both budding private and commercial pilots come to get their stripes. The air school is very good for business for Port Alfred with a steady stream of learners that stay here for months on end.

Christmas time in Port Alfred

Wacky Christmas lights in Port Alfred

The holiday periods in Port Alfred are the busiest times and none more so that the December holidays. The whole town enters into the spirit of things as you can see from this house near the beachfront which is decked out with lights every year. So well known is this house that there is a regular stream of visitors in their cars driving past in the evenings.

Anything Floats Boat Race in Port Alfred

Fun on the Kowie with the Anything Floats Boat Race

I am not sure if it is just folk that live by the sea but here in Port Alfred we enjoy life and don’t mind making fools of ourselves ably demonstrated by the annual Anything Floats Boat Race which is open to anyone willing to create something that can float down the Kowie along a 1 km course. It’s lots of fun and draws bigs crowds on the day.

Well we hope we have given you a little bit of a flavour of Port Alfred and we look forward to you coming to visit our fun coastal town.

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