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by Dalene Ingham-Brown

If you’ve never been to Boulders Beach Penguin Colony – you’re going to love it! It’s the magical bay where you’ll find crushed-shell sand, sheltering rocks and one of the last places to observe the waddle of our endangered African Penguin in one of Africa’s best cities – Cape Town. A true sign of a gem-of-an-attraction is if a healthy dose of locals are found among the tourists. At Boulders, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Visit the penguins at Boulders Beach

Penguins up for viewing along Willis Walk

Boulders is far more than just a beach through… it’s more like a mini penguin-spotting village. The first penguin colony was introduced here 20 years ago, and Boulders is still going strong, now with three penguin-flanked boardwalks, three glistening beaches and one main penguin viewing area – all brilliantly maintained. The beaches A stroll along the rough sands of Boulders Beach or Middle Beach is the most relaxing, exfoliating experience around. Hats-off to the beach’s towering, granite boulders – they’re what give the area its

protection from harsh winds, currents and huge waves, leaving you to share the fresh ocean breeze and family-friendly waters with the penguins in summer. Foxy Beach is the penguin-only beach, which is a view-point for humans, not a place to rest your towel and build a sand castle.

The boardwalks

Boulders Beach boardwalk to Penguins

Stretch of the Boulders boardwalk

The winding, wooden walkways are a string of well-plotted paths that lead you past a scattering of burrows, giving you a penguin-viewing, front-row seat. Willis Walk is a boarded pathway that’s outside of the pay-point area, making it a free penguin-watching meander. Forest Link and Main Boardwalk are beyond the Boulders pay-point entry… but worth every penny. The walkways look completely at home with the surrounding vegetation, even at one point tunnelling through a thriving canopy of trees. The pathways get you close enough to observe the penguins, and give the penguins enough space for them to not have to worry about humans stepping into their living rooms. I hear penguins pack quite a nasty bite when they feel threatened, so it’s always a good idea to keep your fingers, toes and noses safely on the boardwalk.

The main penguin viewing point

Main viewing point at Boulders Beach

Penguin view point at Foxy Beach

Main Boardwalk takes you right up to the main penguin viewing area of Foxy Beach. It’s a beach exclusively for penguins, but the extended walkway leads you to a platform that’s great for taking photos and watching penguins being penguins.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony is a magical spot perched S 34° 7′ 55″ E 18° 26′ 53″ in sleepy Simon’s Town. Pack your sunscreen, hat and camera and get down to the seaside to watch flightless birds shuffle around in tuxedos against one of the most beautiful backdrops around – False Bay. See, what’s not to love about Boulders Beach Penguin Colony?

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