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Nomathemba, a female white lion, has recently given birth to three cubs at Pumba Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. The three cubs sex is yet to be determined as it is not absolutely possible to tell until the cubs reach an age of about 6 months. Nomathemba was released into the 900 hectare camp in October 2011 and sired the cubs with their white male lion Themba.

Photo Credit: Dale Howarth

Dale Howarth has been in charge of the rehabilitation of white lions into Pumba and is very proud of the recent new arrivals. The game reserve had been on alert for about 38 days before Dale finally spotted mum and her three cubs on an excursion away from their den.  Mum is naturally being very protective and looking after her cubs beautifully.

Male and Female white lion and pumba private game reserve
Pumba Private Game Reserve is just one of only two reserves in the world where you can see white lions roaming free and who are self-sustaining.  Pumba is located between Grahamstown and Alicedale in the Eastern Cape.

View over the dam from Water Lodge at Pumba
White lions come about due to a recessive gene causing their very light cream colour and are not to be mistaken for albinos.
We stayed at the Water Lodge in Pumba Private Game Reserve in 2011. The rooms are luxurious with stunning views over the dam where hippos will entertain you with their funny grunting. The rooms have large decks where you can sit and watch the wildlife after your game viewing is over.

Majestic white male lion at Pumba

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