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A trip through the Overberg region of the Western Cape leaves you in no doubt as to why this area attracts more than it’s fair share of artists. Indeed it is said that there are ‘more artists per capita in Hermanus than anywhere else in South Africa’.  Whilst I can’t substantiate this statement I can leave it to artists like Lize van der Walt to demonstrate the quality of the artists that live here. From her home in Northcliff she produces amazing contemporary landscapes and seascapes inspired by the stunning scenery around her. Her paintings of Grotto Beach are beautiful inspired by the colourful skies and the ever-changing coastline.

Lize van der Walt artist from Hermanus

Grotto Beach by Lize van der Walt


If you are in Durban on the weekend of March 21st 2014 then you are in for a real treat as the Sky Grand Prix of Aerobatics are in town as part of the Free Durban Land, Sea & Air Festival.

Free Durban Land, Sea & Air Festival


Band playing at the Open Streets Cape Town 2013Open Streets latest event in South Africa took place on the 25th May 2013. The ethos behind Open Streets is to promote local community pride transforming streets into areas that people can walk, cycle or even dance freely through. Open Street events now take place all over the world in over 100 cities with the latest one in South Africa held on Lower Main Road, Cape Town.

Along Lower Main Road from Main Road in Observatory to Malta Road in Salt River a diverse group of people of all age groups took part in this predominantly pedestrian event. From 13h00 to 17h00 the road was closed off to motorised traffic allowing people to stroll about, play giant chess, skateboard, walk about on stilts, play street football, do yoga or to get artistically creative on the pavements and tarmac. READ MORE

Mass Ride Out at Africa Bike Week

Courtesy howtorideamotorcycle.blogspot.com

I have always wanted to own a motorbike ever since I was about 17 and many of my friends started getting their first 50cc motorbikes. Sadly the dream hasn’t materialised yet but maybe there is still time. Of course if I did own a motorbike the next ambition would be to own a Harley Davidson and ride it at one of the big motorbike events like the Africa Bike Week in Margate, KwaZulu-Natal. Did you know that Harley Davidson will be 110 years old in 2013 – wow!

Africa Bike Week takes place between 26th April and 29th April 2013 and has a massive following with over 25,000 bikes attending in 2012. Can you imagine that many bikes in one place at one time – awesome! Even if you don’t own a motorbike it’s still a great event to come to. The whole coastal road is set aside with vendors stalls and marquees selling every type of motorbike merchandise you can think of.

The whole of Margate, on the KZN South Coast, is virtually transformed into Harley City even the local Margate Hotel has a makeover and becomes the Harley Davidson Hotel. The Margate and South Coast Tourism team really step up for this event ensuring the whole town embraces the event putting up flags, banners and even creating bike-only roads. READ MORE

Robben Island Balloon Run

News February 8th, 2013
Robben Island Balloon Run

Photo Courtesy of ClusterBalloon.com

One of my favourite animated movies is ‘Up’ the story of a renowned explorer called Charles Muntz who vows one day to return to Paradise Falls in Venezuela. After his wife dies and with the threat of having to move into a retirement home Muntz decides to convert his house into an airship and fly to Paradise Falls. To do this he attaches thousands of helium balloons to his house and flies off on his dream. It’s an amazing story but one person seems to have taken this idea to another level.

Matt Silver-Valance used to be a volunteer paramedic for the Western Cape Ambulance Service and he has decided to strap himself to hundreds of helium-filled balloons and then float across the water from Robben Island all the way to the mainland of Cape Town. The stunt has been named ‘The Robben Island Balloon Run’.