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Bosman Festival, North-West   16th to 18th October 2015

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HC Bosman Living Museum
Groot Marico,
Groot Marico, 2850, North-West

Herman Charles Bosman Festival 2015

Groot Marico

North-West Accommodation

Once again we are drawing attention to a forthcoming Marico event, the Bosman weekend , now in it's twentieth year. It will be noticed that the format remains similar to that of previous years, but an attempt has been made to bring about a renewal of content.

Bookings are now open for the Bosman Weekend in October (16th to 18th October 2015) in Groot Marico.

This year the programme for the annual Bosman Weekend will be featuring an interesting variety of performances, lectures, workshops ,  art exhibitions  and music. There will also be time to share at a leisurely pace, the company, the ambience of bush and fireplace - and  excellent performances by well known artists  included in the weekend package.

The entertainment is all based on the Bosman inspiration: the atmosphere and culinary fare promise to be authentic Marico bosveld.

The weekend programme includes all the shows and meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch and the cost is R650 per person.

The final programme will be on our web www.marico.co.za with more information on the different shows and performers. Booking arrangements attached

Kindly email Santa on info@marico.co.za for enquiries and bookings - we will then forward the booking arrangements and booking reference number to you.

Please make your accommodation arrangements through the Information Centre to assist in the coordination of the weekend more effectively.

Be so kind as to forward the information about the weekend to those that may be interested. Bookings will be done on a first come first serve basis, as available facilities can only accommodate a limited number of guests.

Santa van Bart
Groot Marico Information Centre
083 272 2958