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Free State

Free State Accommodation

The Free State offers everything from historical and cultural attractions to renowned beauty and great expanses of scenery.  Charming towns are scattered across the province with cities offering everything from excellent facilities; great shopping centres and fantastic bars and restaurants.

The Northern Region is notable for its great farming conditions which include wheat, maize and cattle farming. The Vaal – a major river of South Africa flows through this region and the dams provide an attraction for many visitors; particularly water sports enthusiasts, anglers and yachtsmen.

Central Free State is often referred to as "The Golden Country" with gold deposits running beneath the ground.  This provides a great source of wealth as one third of the country’s gold is produced in this region.

South Africa's largest river, the Orange, which rises in Lesotho's Maluti Mountains in the Free State and forms the southern boundary of the Free State before winding its way to the Atlantic Ocean. The Orange was known to the Khoikhoi people as Gariep (river), and for this reason, the Voortrekkers who settled in the region north of the river called it the Transgariep.  The Gariep Dam is one of the country’s most astounding engineering feats and offers a relaxing interlude for travellers.  Water sports such as water-skiing and canoeing down the river is a great experience and some claim it to be the ultimate adventure.