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The Northern Cape

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The Northern Cape�s history has been defined by mining and with the advent of the discovery of diamonds in Kimberley created unprecedented growth in this region. In addition to the fabulous diamonds discovered which catapulted the city of Kimberley to fame and fortune a rich bounty of alluvial diamonds is mined off the west coast.

The wild and lonely western coastline is one of the world's most prolific fishing grounds and provides another source of important revenue for this area. For visitors to this area perhaps the greatest attraction lies in the extravagant beauty of Namaqualands wild flowers. The amazing coastline and the number of smaller game reserves provide visitors with vast opportunities to experience life close to nature. The area is also notable for friendly locals, fine examples of Bushman art and an abundance of semi-precious stones.

The Northern Cape has a colourful history, an array of cultural tourist attractions and attracts many visitors to the incredible annual floral display that takes place in Namaqualand. The last remaining true San (Bushman) people live in the Kalahari area of the Northern Cape.

The whole area, particularly along the Orange and Vaal Rivers, is rich in San rock paintings as well as being rich in fossils. The Orange River flows through the arid landscape sometimes at a sluggish pace and other times exploding into a mix of sound and fury. Without this river the region may well remain quite bleak but instead prosperous towns and villages have grown and the barren landscape transformed into fields of cotton, Lucerne, dates and grapes.