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Hidden Beach Gems of South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

Some real hidden little gems of beaches that you can discover on your South Africa holiday

South Africa Hidden Beach Gems

Summer has arrived and you and your loved one or family are looking to head to the beach. You have packed your bags, a picnic and the suntan lotion. Now all you need is to find the perfect beach preferably not packed to the rafters. Here are a few recommendations of beach destinations in South Africa that offer solitude and tranquillity.

Mabibi Beach

Mabibi Beach is located in the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park, formally known as the Greater St Lucia Wetlands, in KwaZulu-Natal Province. To get there is an experience in itself with a 90 minute drive from Sodwana Bay via an off-road route through subtropical forest and sand dunes till you arrive at Mabibi Beach.  Once there you are met with an amazing long stretch of sandy shoreline with just a few footprints to show that others may have been here before you.  The warm waters here are popular with divers and snorkelers.

Hluleka Beach

Hluleka Beach is a beautiful beach in South Africa situated around an unspoilt sandy cove and surrounded by coastal forest which is home to a variety of birds and monkeys. This stretch of the Wild Coast, or Transkei, is perhaps not the easiest place to get to but when you are there itís worth the effort.  Hluleka is located in the Hluleka Nature Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal and if you are travelling from Umtata towards to Port St Johns take a right turn at Libode and pass through Ntibane to reach the Hluleka Nature Reserve. The Hluleka Nature Reserve is home to a variety of animals and if you are lucky you might just spot Otter tracks on the beach. The rocks that appear out of the water here make for an interesting coastline to explore.

Shelley Beach

The Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape is home to many beautiful beaches but we have picked Shelley Beach at Kenton-on-Sea. Kenton-on-Sea is a popular holiday destination with many South Africans owning holiday homes here so you might think that this beach would be busy however Shelley Beach is a real hidden gem. The beach itself is surrounded by high rocks shaped in a semi-circle and creating a bowl-like effect. The sea here can be quite strong here especially where the waves break onto the seashore so itís not ideal for swimming but it does mean you are more likely to be on your own here. If you do want a swim you can visit the rivers close by at Bushmanís and Kareiga where there is safe swimming.

Noetzie Beach

Now itís not often you can take a walk on the beach in South Africa and see castles but at Noetzie Beach, just 15 minutes from the popular holiday destination of Knysna, on the Western Cape this is exactly what you can see. A number of castles which operate as holiday accommodation are dotted along the beachfront. Donít worry thanks to the Noetzie Conservation team building has been strictly controlled here and is evidenced by the fish eagles and otters that are resident here. In the lowering sun the rock faces along the beach turn a brilliant orange colour and make for a delightful evening walk.